About this blog

Welcome to the Early Buddhism website. This is my personal blog in which I write interesting findings, thoughts and quotes regarding Early Buddhism.

What is Early Buddhism? This is the Buddhism that existed before Buddhism split into dozens of schools, sects and teachings. We have survived only the collections of texts from various schools, which were written at different times, hundreds of years after the life of the Buddha. Early Buddhism is an attempt to restore the basic ideas and provisions of that teaching, the Dhamma, which was given by the Buddha himself, to remove late layers, distortions, exaggerations, and erroneous understandings.

Of course, trying to reconstruct the original Dhamma is an extremely difficult task. Even the earliest Buddhist collections of texts, canons that have come down to us, are already texts preserved and transmitted within the framework of the traditions of Buddhist schools and carry the views and understanding of these schools.

All attempts at reconstruction will, of course, be doomed to be based on these texts, and there will never be any final confidence in the accuracy of the reconstruction.

I do not set myself the task of reconstructing Early Buddhism in full in this blog, but as far as possible I will publish interesting findings leading to a better understanding of the Buddha Dhamma.